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Investment Advisory

Our investment advisory services span across different investment options and we give informed recommendations that are backed by in-depth research and analysis of financial trends and economic policies.

We have a deep understanding of Equities, Fixed Income and Money Market, Exchange Traded Funds and Structured instruments. We guide you through the investing process with our invaluable advice.

For further details, the following steps are required to initiate a business relationship with us:


Investment Chat

Chat via a convenient medium

Execution of KYC

Completion of Know-Your-Client Form

Presentation of supporting documents

Documents such as a valid ID, Utility Bill, Incorporation documents e.t.c.

Implementation of Profered Solution


Regular Update on Investment

Personal Financial Planning

Our Financial planning relationship starts with an understanding of your current financial situation (i.e. assets, liabilities, income, expenses, goals, wants and needs) vis a vis future financial objectives.

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Our services would be very useful if you:

  • Are living from paycheck to paycheck and want to manage your finances better?
  • Do not have time to breakdown your financial goals/objectives into numbers and plans?
  • Want professional opinion about the plan you have developed?
  • Do not have adequate knowledge in certain areas such as investments, insurance, taxes or retirement planning
  • Have an immediate need or unexpected life event?

Employee Benefits Planning & Management

We have deep competence in structuring and designing Employee Savings Plans (ESPs) for organizations that wish to design an incentive program for staff. Employee benefits cuts across gratuity schemes, housing schemes, wellness programs, profit sharing, loans, tuition for career development and others.

We work hand in hand with organizations to map out the best plan that would be beneficial for all to improve staff retention, economic security, Treasury & Liquidity Management

Liquidity and Treasury management

At Teakwood, we offer professional treasury management services for businesses in terms of maximizing and optimizing cash flow through investments and enhancing operating efficiency while mitigating associated risks.

Our treasury management program ensures you are able to optimize available financial resources, deploy a robust hedging strategy, improve liquidity and grow your funds for sound decision making.

Alternative Investment

The dynamic nature of investment ensures that varied ways exist to invest money other than the popular asset classes - stock, bonds and mutual funds

Alternative investments typically have a low correlation with those of standard asset classes, which makes them suitable for portfolio diversification.

And interestingly, while these known vehicles rise and fall together because of the market correlation they have, alternative investments enjoy the status of being independent of market correlation.

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