Frequently Asked Questions

What is Teakwood Advisory’s role in this relationship?
Our role is to proffer bespoke solutions relating to Investments, Financial Planning, Employee Benefit Planning & Management, Treasury & Liquidity Management to our varied clients.
How can I monitor/get information on my investments?
Updated portfolio information is communicated on a monthly basis or can be requested on an ad-hoc basis
Which approach does your firm adopt?
Our advisory practice entails developing bespoke solutions premised on a sound understanding of the operating environment, rigorous research, risk-return optimized investment tools and cost effective execution strategies.
How can I begin a business relationship with Teakwood Advisory Partners?
The steps involve : Chat with prospect (Via a convenient medium) –› Execution of KYC –› Presentation of supporting documents (Valid ID, Utility Bill and so on) –› Implementation of Proffered Solution –›Periodic Update.
Do you give proper orientation with regards to financial matters for better understanding and clarity of process?
Yes, we do. Our onboarding process ensures potential clients are guided and provided with enough resources so as to make well-informed decisions.
Does your firm promote financial products of other financial institutions because of the incentives attached?
No, we do not promote financial products for compensation from such firms. We utilize these investment products to execute independent client objectives.
Who keeps custody of my assets?
Your assets will be kept in the custody of a registered Custodian for safekeep and monitored by us for optimal performance. We do not keep clients’ assets in our custody.
Who are your eligible clients?
Students, Employees, Self employed, Retired., Employee Plans, High Net Worth Individuals, Cooperatives, Investment Clubs and business owners need our well-articulated solutions.
Will I get the necessary support to initiate and execute the financial solutions proffered?
Yes, you will because our success is dependent on yours.
Can you give advice on other areas that could trigger achieving my financial goals and objectives?
Yes, we can. At Teakwood, understanding our clients’ objectives and lifestyle is critical for customized solutions.
Does our relationship expire once my financial plan is completed?
Not Exactly! First of all, financial planning is a process, not a one stop event. Teakwood offers an ongoing advisory service, periodic reviews and day-to-day consultation as requested and/or needed. Though the actual engagement of services may lapse, we still offer a Continuing Client Program because we believe financial planning is more of a journey than a destination.
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